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As investment managers, we closely work with our clients to develop their strategic investment criteria and seek suitable, high-quality real estate investments in our core markets.

We source properties through direct outreach ('off market') as well as through longstanding, trusted relationships with established brokerage firms.

Our team has been involved in a wide range of transactions over the past years. This has established a solid transactional experience that extends from initial analysis to optimal and audit-proof transaction implementation.

Our range of services also includes coordinating the complete due diligence process, creating cash flow analyses, preparing budget and multi-year planning, as well as securing external financing. Thanks to our expertise, we possess profound knowledge of the opportunities and risks associated with real estate investments, ensuring an informed decision-making process for our clients.


As managers of various commercial properties, we have a deep understanding of office tenant and retail tenant profiles. Therefore, active leasing efforts and close collaboration with tenants are at the forefront. This includes efficient re-leasing processes as well as active contract and receivables management.

At the same time, our focus is on the medium to long-term appreciation of the properties. We analyze value-add strategies and propose them to our clients as actionable options. Whether it's expanding space, exploring additional income sources, or sustainability projects - creativity and experience are required, which our team provides.

Other tasks include the meaningful utilization of cost-saving potentials as well as the efficient selection and management of administrative services (e.g., technical, accounting, environmental, tax, legal).

Our clients receive meaningful real estate and financial reporting as per their preferences. Additionally, we develop the medium-term development strategy through an annually updated budget and multi-year plan, which is then implemented according to customer wishes. This ensures a solid quality and risk management.


Buildings age, and tenant needs evolve over the decades. Particularly, digitization and the use of new media continuously change user requirements.

For optimal value development, it is important to analyze action options and determine whether reinvestments in the building for expansion of space or modernization are worthwhile.

We develop the action options and create a robust implementation plan. Additionally, we analyze the economic viability based on a time and cost schedule, extending to complete revitalization or project development measures.

Simultaneously, we collaborate with our client to establish an opportunity and risk profile and align financing structure and measures to reduce or even avoid investment risks (construction and cost security, ensuring leasing, etc.).

Subsequently, we coordinate project management, including procurement, contract management, and warranty management.


Forward-looking and strategic planning requires a solid information foundation.

Whether it's cash flow modeling, budget and multi-year planning, monthly or quarterly reports, we deliver customized reporting at an institutional quality level regularly and punctually for our clients. The reporting transparently and comprehensively describes the performance development (including actual vs. target comparisons and key metrics) at the individual property and portfolio levels, from both real estate and financial perspectives, making the status and decision needs readily apparent.

Additionally, we provide information reflecting market developments in both the tenant and investment markets, evaluations of reinvestment measures (including cost-benefit analysis), and bank reporting.

We also create analyses of the feasibility and implementability of value creation approaches (e.g., expansions, modernization, repositioning). In doing so, we take into account risk management and compliance-related aspects for our institutionally-oriented clients (e.g., sovereign wealth funds, international fund managers, large family offices).


Not every project proceeds according to the original business plan. Macroeconomic developments, such as a sluggish economy, rising financing costs, increasing construction expenses combined with decreased demand, can pose challenges. Unexpected events can also occur: a tenant may default, or demand for rental space and market rents may decline. We develop tactics and strategies to address special situations and manage the implementation of restructuring measures, thereby safeguarding the value of your property.


We develop financing concepts tailored to the needs of the owner and the project, and facilitate financing loans for the implementation of project development and/or acquisition financing or refinancing for existing assets. We have an extensive network with personal connections to local and national banks as well as lenders providing mezzanine loans.


We assist both sellers and buyers in their sales or acquisition activities.
A professional preparation and execution are essential to successfully conclude the process. In the case of a sale, we prepare all necessary documents and create an optimal data setup.

Depending on the market situation, property, and the seller's objectives, we provide advice on the most effective sales process. Our services range from due diligence, creating investment memoranda and data rooms, approaching potential buyers, conducting property viewings and Q&A processes, to negotiating purchase agreements. However, our services do not end with the notary appointment. We continue to guide the process until the successful handover of the property.


Let's have a conversation! Together, we can best determine how we can support you and your company. Feel free to call us at +49 89 231 138 71-0 or email us at We are looking forward to meet you.


The reasons for the need for interim management solutions can vary: illness-related absence, insufficient capacity, a general shortage of skilled professionals, or even a planned, limited holding period for a property. In cases of short-term needs for asset management or property management services, we are here to assist.


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